Casey and Gibbs on a wild goose chase illustrated by Aoife McCannCasey and I have spent the past few days on a wild goose chase.  Before you report us to any wild life animal organisations, I don’t mean REAL gooses. Casey and I wouldn’t know what a real goose looked like if it jumped up and bit us in the bum bits.  Don’t you humans call something that is futile and a waste of time a ‘wild goose chase’?

Let me splain:

The other night, Wednesday, to be precise, Mum went with Dad to the pub quiz up the road.  When she came back her voice had gone.  She didn’t know where she’d left it, so Casey and I thought we’d look for it as a surprise for her.  A late birthday present if you like, or an early Christmas gift.

Mum spends a lot of time upstairs in her office, so I told Casey that I would look upstairs to see if I could find it.  I would meow three times – that would be our secret code – if I found it.  She also spends some time downstairs on the sofa watching television, so Casey said he would look everywhere downstairs and he would meow three times if he found it.

We both searched high and low and neither of us meowed – which meant, neither of us had found it.  Hence the wild goose chase!

Casey had an idea.  She had gone to the pub.  Supposing she left it in the toilet there?  Should we walk up the road and find out? We must own up and say that as we’re not allowed out the front of the house (because the road has lots of fast moving cars and lorries all day long) that we actually chickened out of doing that.  We were worried that people might think we were going to the pub to drink that giggly water; you know the stuff that you humans drink that make you go all giggly and you do silly things.  And then there is the stuff that makes you walk weirdly, where you stagger from side to side on the pavement (sidewalk).  Mum and Dad don’t do either of those things, by the way. 

squirrel at the feederThe strange thing was that although Mum made absolutely no sounds with her mouth, so Dad couldn’t hear her, Casey and I could.  We were out in the garden, watching our birdie friends enjoying the fat balls from the feeders – and did you know – we have a squirrel now that eats from them as well – and she called us in for dinner.  What we heard was ‘-ibbs? -asey? -inner.’  We hurriedly said our goodbyes to our birdie chums and raced up to the decking to where Mum was waiting at the back door.

It’s been a few days now and the quietness in the house is deafening.  Not that Mum is noisy, you understand.  Far from it.  She’s so quiet that the neighbours think she’s always away on holiday!  But we miss hearing her voice.  So, if anyone out there finds it, can you post it back to us? Thank you.

Till the next time

Love Gibbs xxxx       

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