Welcome hamper for ReggieThe plot thickens!

I contacted the feline spy centre GCHQ (General Cats Helpful Questions) and they confidentially advised that the VIP ‘said cat’ who interviewed my human, Maid, is indeed, potentially on the move into retirement from Active National Service. But that's all they could release, as it's all very hush hush in the feline world!  There will be a few posh feline ladies’ hearts broken when it is announced 'said cat' will be removed from public life!

He is fluent in English, The Queens English, apparently. He is well-read and extremely well-bred. He likes his iced milk shaken not stirred. So, he may bring a certain 'frisson' to The Daily Mews should he decide to pick up his platinum, diamond encrusted Mont Blanc fountain pen and write about his life!

If the interview goes well and it's thumbs up all round, then he will be escorted back to his current place of employment, neutered, as part of the agreement. He will then work a weeks’ notice at his current place, have a luxury bath and blow dry, be professionally groomed, then he will be discreetly chauffeured to Tom Cat Towers the following week. His new Maid will be there, in a crisp new uniform, to meet him and welcome him into Tom Cat Towers.

AND when he arrives, he will bring with him a designer, diplomatic bag full of special things to help him settle into his life of retirement.  As yet, we have not been advised what he will be bringing with him in this bag to ease his transfer into his new life.

Chav Cat and I will be secured in the bedroom during the interview. We have not been extended a social invitation to meet him yet!  


The Day of the Interview:

Today Maid was up at 7am, washing, dusting and twinkling everything, even the washing machine door was cleaned!!  All bedding, stuffed toys that we cats play with, washed and replaced.  Tom Cat Towers was glowing with cleanliness.

At 12.30 ‘said cat’ arrived in style, he was secretly ushered in under escort. Formal introductions made.

He interviewed Maid for a whole hour, whilst his current staff inspected the facilities here at Tom Cat Towers and pronounced them 'superb'!

He was then gently taken from his carrier and handed to Maid. It was love at first sight by both parties, ‘said cat’ even purred and let Maid tickle his toes and his very elegant officer style moustache!

His mother was French, so he has a certain ‘je ne sais quoi’! He is 4 years old, and he is a Pewter Persian.  I haven't met him yet, but I've spent an age sniffing the Tee-shirt Maid was wearing for the interview. It certainly has an interesting fragrance!

It appears that Maid has passed the interview with flying colours and ‘said cat’ has employed her as his very personal staff. His new name has been decided and sent, in the utmost secrecy, to Saint Ben at Park House Vets so all records can be transferred seamlessly and confidentially. Saint Ben will then perform a moggy-MOT after his arrival to ensure all is well and the plaster can come off his neutering operation!  

Maid is running around like a loon. The bathroom has just been blitzed and the catnip plants have all been replanted to make a special fragrant walkway for His Lordship, should he wish to poddle down the garden for a pre-prandial constitutional walk in the evening. His dietary requirements were transferred to Tom Cat Towers catering department late last night and Maid is now stocking up on corn fed, skinless organic chicken breasts, which thankfully are at a daft price in the Kwop today! This chap likes to keep an eye on his waistline and as he is an epicurean gourmand, only the best for him.

Inspecting Reggie's StuffThings have started appearing here at Tom Cat Towers, including this, a treat tub. A sort of Welcome Wagon for him (not that I am jealous in any way). I hope he won’t notice that I have very slyly removed three catnip mice and given them a good biting!

We are all on tenterhooks here at Tom Cat Towers waiting for our VIP newbie to join us.

His name is ....


Till next time

Gabion Tzchugge
Tom Cat Towers  

A Cats Prayer

Lead me down all the right paths,
Keep me from fleas, bees, and baths.
Let me in should it storm,
Keep me safe, fed, and warm.