Amazing Cats

This section is for the accounts of fearless cats (dogs, hamsters, budgies, rabbits, guinea pigs, chickens, etc) who brave the elements to warn their human families of impending danger: floods, hurricanes, earthquakes, fires and the like, or those who perform in a special way to help others.

If you you would like to share your stories of your cat's bravery or kindness, then submit them in the usual way to the 'contact us' link on the home page, and we will be delighted to post them in this section.

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Title Published Date Author
How I became a cat lover 14 April 2014 Written by Ramona Ruhf
How I lost my eye and regained my happiness 23 August 2015 Written by Pookie Macalpi with help from Eva Macalpi
How Zee conquered Chronic Kidney Disease 25 April 2016 Written by Steve Munt
Indigo - aka - weightloss cat 24 August 2015 Written by Rayna Phillips
Isis Kitty, the rescued kitty who gave our home its heart back and helped me to love freely 28 May 2013 Written by Kev T Brown
Kenny the Wonder Cat 28 August 2011 Written by Debra J White
Libby and Cashew 26 June 2011 Written by Patrick Roberts
Lucas: a very special cat with a mission 30 September 2006 Written by Christine Davis
Midge the runner 29 June 2012 Written by Patrick Roberts
Moet, my story 19 June 2015 Written by Dr Emily Shotter


Dogs Come when Called

"Dogs come when called. Cats take a message and get back to you."

"Of course, every cat is really the most beautiful woman in the room."

Edward Verrall Luca (essayist)

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