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Tamale - a life well livedWe hate to start the new year off with bad news, but it's unavoidable.  

On January 10th, 2021, we lost our oldest brother, Tamale.  Almost 3 weeks have passed now, and it still hurts like it happened yesterday.  

Y'all know that, over the last couple years, he'd had a few health problems.  In addition, he was diagnosed with CHF (Congestive Heart Failure) on January 8th.  Very early that morning, Dad spent 4 hours or so at the animal ER with Tamale on oxygen there.  After taking Tamale from the ER to our Vet (also while on oxygen), later that day we received the diagnosis.  Dad brought him home and kept him as comfortable as possible.  

Our dog brother, Beau, also has CHF, but our vet explained that it affects cats much worse than it does dogs; very often with little to no symptoms, until it is too late.  Anyway, it was clear that Tamale began shutting down.  Dad made the painful decision to have him euthanized on January 10th.  

Tamale and dadA friend of ours drove Dad to the animal ER, so he could hold Tamale.  Dad stayed with Tamale the entire time.  With the exception of setting him down to explore the blanket on the exam table, Dad never once broke physical contact with Tamale.  When it was done, Dad brought Tamale home for a while.  He laid him down in our den, and we each had plenty of time to sniff him and say our goodbyes.  Dad then took Tamale back to the ER and released him for cremation.  Tamale returned home for good on Friday, January 15th.

Dad adopted Tamale in December 2006 and had him longer than any other pet so far.  Tamale was 14 years and 7 months old.  He would've been 15 in June.  We love Tamale and miss him so much. 

The pic of Dad holding Tamale is one of the last few taken of him.  Dad isn't smiling there; he's trying to fight back tears.  

Please forgive the poor engraving on Tamale's urn.  Dad is having someone else make a new plate, but we won't get it for another day or so.  The pic of Tamale in the yard was taken the morning on January 10th and was his last visit to our backyard. 

We have more pics of Tamale on my Facebook page, and also a beautiful slideshow:


Dad made us an Instagram page too:  


Tamale in the garden



























Tamale's urn

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