IndigoHello. My name is Indigo aka WeightLossCat and this is my story. Twelve years ago I was born at an automobile parts factory. I probably would not have lived to see my first month let alone twelve years. I was rescued when I was a just wee little three week old kitten. I don't remember much of that life as I was too small. I do remember though, that food was hard to come by. My life revolved around bits of KFC Chicken and scraps of Serbian and Mexican cuisine. I might have starved if it weren't for a kind human who took me in. This is where my life got really interesting.

The humans that took me in had three other girl cats. I remember them well. I would chase them all over the house. They kept me fit and healthy. My new sisters were much older than me. By the time I was age six they starting passing onto kitty heaven. This saddened my very much. I started packing on the pounds and decided to have my humans set me up with a blog: to document my life since I did not have too much to do with only one sister left.

By the time I was seven or eight my last sister passed and I was left alone. No more kitties to chase and play with and no more friends. I fell into a deep depression and let myself go aka got fat. I went from a fit and athletic kitty to a fat and lazy cat. It was a very sad time for me as I had always been surrounded by kitties. This was the first time in my life that I felt alone, hence the depression, which lead to me being overweight.

IndigoMy humans finally realized that I was just not myself anymore. They thought the perfect fit for me would be another cat to lift my spirits. They took in three other cats, all guys. Now I have three brothers. One athletic, one laid back, and one fat and lazy like me. I really did want to get my life back on track and lose the pounds that were holding me back. It was getting really difficult just to get around. I would go downstairs only to be out of breath on the way back up. I tried every diet I could think of. I attempting fasting (not fun), eating Cheerios, veggie diets, you name it I tried it, but nothing worked. So I gave up. Decided just to blog about my adventures instead of my weight loss journey. With three other brothers, I got into lots of mischief. I was just enjoying life, being fat and happy.

Then something happened in 2013 that I could not believe. My health started to go downhill. I could not get across the room without resting every couple of inches. I did not understand as I was only eleven years old. Hardly old at all. Was this it, was I dying? Finally visited my doctor and he diagnosed me with diabetes. I was not dying which was great news but diabetes? Doctor, how could that be? You are overweight which leads to many health problems including diabetes. So, insulin shots twice a day was the order for me.

IndigoNow, 2015 and I'm doing much better. My diabetes are being controlled with insulin and I'm back to sprinting around and enjoying teasing my brothers. However, I'm still fat. I went back to blogging on my website with my original intent to discuss my mission to lose weight. Still haven't found the cure to weight loss but am certainly trying because I do not want to be lifeless and just lying on the floor again. That life, is not for me. Doc says I need to be put on a kitten food diet because it has lots of protein and less carbs. I don't like the idea and the food tastes nasty. But, I have laid off the pizza, so I guess that's one step in the right direction.

You can catch me on Twitter: @weightlosscat


Rayna Phillips is my secretary, kindly penning the words to my dictation.  I’d do it myself but my paws are too fat 

I live in Ohio, US. 

In the Middle of a World...

"In the middle of a world that has always been a bit mad, the cat walks with confidence."

Roseanne Anderson

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