Since her appearance on the scene the household has never been the same. Her tiny five-pound frame is loaded with TNT.

From the moment she exploded from her carrier she set about to find out who the residents of the house were, and to announce that from now on, she was taking command. She tore down the hall to explore her new playground, only to bump into two of the residents. (I, Casper the ghost, kept myself well hidden.) The "bedroom dwellers" cautiously peered around the door to see what the commotion was all about. That's when it happened.

Her name is Blondie.The Bombastic Bombshell, as if being fired from a cannon, flew at sixteen-pound Ernie, terrorizing him. Satisfied with herself, she flew at his mother, Queenie, and proceeded to put the scare into her. She let her know in no uncertain terms that from now on she and her son Ernie, would give up their reign of terror - to Koko, myself and little Helen (aka 'Baby"). From that moment on, whenever she laid eyes on either one of the previous bosses of the house, she fired a missile at them -herself.So what if they were more than twice her size. As for me, Casper, although at first I was afraid of her, we have become good friends.

It took shy Koko a bit longer to realize that this little time-bomb, was not out to get her. She hadn't recognized her at first. She had moved to this new residence a few months ago. But then it struck her: this little missile was her cousin.

And then there was little blind Baby. How did she react to the hyper-viper? At first, not understanding what this newest household commotion was all about, she was terrified and fled to her place of refuge. Blondie scrambled after her, nudging into her box beside her, assuring her that everything was going to be all right. She was now here to protect her. "Don't you remember me?" she said in cat language. This triggered a memory of recent days. Of course! They were "kissin' cousins" – together again.

And what about Duffy? Blondiehad never in all of her five years set eyes on anyone of the canine species. She had lived in a house with dozens of cats, so of course canines were forbidden. But now here she was, face to face with this strange woolly species. Afraid? Not Bombastic Blondie. No siree! She went right up to her and gave her a paw-shake and a kiss - literally. Blondiehad the habit of pawing people - and us non-people - and then giving them a face wash. And Duffy accepted her just as readily. In fact, she was pleased to have a new playmate. This one has spunk, not like Baby. Duffy never understood that certain feline. She was always bumping into her … In case you have forgotten, Baby is blind.

I must say, things are sure a lot livelier here now since the Time Bomb has arrived. She is happy to be reunited with her two cousins, but she treats us all the same. We are her adopted cousins. And speaking of cousins, a human "cousin" has just joined the household. His name is Keith. Our human parents call him a street person. They rescued him from living under a bridge. He stays in a cabin on the property, but comes into the house at times. When he first came, he would go around saying, "I hate cats." But we soon learned that he didn't mean it, because while he was saying it he would be looking for us. When he found one of us he would pick us up and rub our faces in his scruffy black beard. We thought of him as another cat. So we all learned to like him. Blondiewas afraid of that "big black cat" at first. Imagine! The Bombastic Bombshell being afraid! Soon though, she would run up to him, wanting him to pick her up … And then there was - Keith's dog. He was supposedly another cat hater, just like his master, but as soon as he learned that cats were "people" too, he liked us all - except for the two bedroom dwellers, who kept out of sight, since Blondie came on the scene.

So here we are: feline cousins, canine cousins, and a people-cousins, all living happily in our people-parents' house.

I'm Casper, the "ghost writer" - also a feline. (Translated from 'CAT' language to people language by Helen Dowd

20th January 2013 

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