Pepper under a ruana

My home is completely full of comfortable spots for Pepper. Cat tree, feeding bowls raised for comfort in eating, a chair beside the bed to give her easier access (it's a very tall bed).  She was 15 this year, still going strong.  And I thought you might enjoy this little titbit.

I love lambswool ruanas from Kerry Woollens Mills, Ireland.  Over the years, I have bought about a dozen in different colours -- and layer them in the winter.  Three layered will get me through below zero temps, no problem.  They are very light and really warm, love them so much more than a coat.  And now, winter is on our doorstep.

So I took my oldest one, and gave it to Pepper.  She sleeps under it all night, and it's handy to drape over her each day in her special office chair -- beside me at my computer.

Below are links to three of my favourite colours of ruana; you might also find these in local Celtic stores, I saw them in several when I travelled to Ireland in 2005.  The Kerry folks are a treat to work with as well, I've had several phone and email connections with them over the years.

They have many colours available, and here is a link to their Facebook page:

Attached is a relaxed photo of Pepper, stretched out on the carpet.  And a couple of her underneath her wonderful ruana -- just took these today with the sun coming in.


Rev. Marian, All Ceremonies Beautifully Done

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Five Good Reasons for Having Your Cat Neutered

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  • Reduces spraying and smelling
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