Carol Lake

Carol with DumptyCarol Lake is a great writer with an amazing imagination.  If you've read Dumpty's Diaries and Dippy's Demon, Willi Whizkas and now more recently, Teddie Tumpkins and the Tiddleswick Tail Lifters, you'll know her style of writing and her sense of humour.

This section is for Carol's ad hoc stories and you will love them because she is a brilliant story-teller.


Display # 
Title Published Date Author
Bartholomew and the Christmas kindness 24 December 2019 Written by Carol Lake
Toffee gets bagged! 29 April 2018 Written by Carol Lake
Oh, Christmas Tree 19 December 2016 Written by Carol Lake
Spartie's Story 05 June 2016 Written by Carol Lake
Tabby O'Malley - a cautionary tale 26 March 2016 Written by Carol Lake
Twas the night before Christmas 20 December 2015 Written by Carol Lake
A human isn't just for Christmas; a human is for life! 12 December 2015 Written by Carol Lake
Teddie Whiz Bang - a cautionary tale from Tom Cat Towers 30 October 2015 Written by Carol Lake
Chirper Tensing 31 July 2015 Written by Carol Lake
The Christmas Bird 12 December 2014 Written by Carol Lake

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