Since writing the article on the Egyptian Mau in the Breed Profile section, it has come to my notice that the Egyptian Mau has slipped from favour in its own country. The Egyptian government, in an attempt to control the stray cat population, is poisoning all cats roaming the streets, the wonderful Mau cats included.

Papyrus needs a home - see Their lives are short and miserable, never knowing love, kindness or comfort until a painful death brings release.

Hearing this will cause sorrow to many cat lovers and there will be many who will think that we have many sad cases in our own countries to tackle. It is only by being aware that we may be able to make a difference.

A group has formed to try to create a sanctuary for them to live in, where they can be treated and live safe lives.

EMRO (Egyptian Mau Rescue Organisation) has many supporters from as far away as New Zealand, USA and Canada, as well as respected cat breeders and judges in the UK.

To finance a sanctuary and staff is very prohibitive, but they are determined it will happen and, like many dedicated people before them, they refuse to acknowledge their task’s magnitude.

They have a sponsorship scheme where, for $10 US a month, you'll adopt a pet and help to pay for its upkeep. You'll get regular photos of your pet and updates throughout the year. 

You can also adopt a Mau - see below this article for their website address for further details.

One way that people can help is by linking the EMRO site to their website, if you have one. You can also download the EMRO brochure (under "Articles and Brochures"), print it back to back and distribute it to local pet stores, post on bulletin boards, hand it out at cat shows, send it to your local veterinary surgeries or local animal rescue centres, local radio stations, local newspapers, etc; anywhere to give it attention and publicity. This will bring the plight of the Egyptian Mau to the general public.

Take a look at their website and help EMRO to find a way to end this suffering. The cats need our help, and they cannot ask for it themselves. 

Contact: Dr Ismail Elkholy and Ms Gloria Lauris : The Egyptian Mau Rescue Organization (EMRO)

EMRO Headquarters Office:
Villa 11, Ground Floor, Block 4
El Togarayeen City
Al Mokattam, Cairo, Egypt
Tel/Fax: +202-507-6946

Let’s see if we can make a difference to the lives of these beautiful creatures!

To read more about the Egyptian Mau, please click here:


N.B: There has been a new round of poisoning of Egyptian cats and dogs in Giza. You can write to the embassy of your country to voice your concern and horror at this despicable treatment of defenceless animals. Click here to find the embassy of your country and you can email them at the address given. If you cannot find YOUR country, click on any of the other links.

To read the full horror of what is happening in Giza, please click here:

EMRO update April 1 2008


One Cat is Company

"One cat is company.
Two cats are a conspiracy. 
Three cats is an attempted takeover.
Four or more cats is a complete coup!"

Shona Steele (Australia)

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