As you know, poor Milo went off to join the Great Cat last month. Love made her last days tolerable. I know my keepers still miss her. Why is it I wonder, we are designed to be in your lives for such a relatively short period?

When I go, I will have graced my keepers’ lives for at least eight years. I know they would have loved to have found me in 1990, when I think I was born. And I know I will meet both of them again in spirit.

So, let us all embrace this moment, like Daisy does, just having decided to throw up on the computer I am currently using! Daisy and Holly love to claw the wooden posts that hold up the banisters on the stairs. And when my keepers came back from 2 days in Brighton [work], they celebrated by going bananas.

We felines have secrets. Anne and Jack will never know what we get up to when they are out, apart from sleeping, of which we do too much…

Or do we?

You see, I can’t get through more than a ¼ page without commenting on the state of the world can I?

In the Great Cat’s mind, everything is perfect as it is. That doesn’t contradict the notion that we - yes you lot too - are all here to evolve. And I can’t tell you enough that the greatest human who ever lived, Leonardo da Vinci, called cats ‘a masterpiece.’

We cats never sleep too much because we don’t have the media telling us how to live our lives, or that we are on the planet just to ‘cope.’ By surrendering to the Great Cat, and going with the rhythm of life, things can only improve.

Do you remember Sting? Remember the words of a song he wrote called:  ‘Russians’ -

“What might save us, me and you, is if the Russians love their children too...”

Jack spent over 2 weeks on a course in Moscow about 15 years ago with over 50 Russians. He would tell you the notion is ridiculous. Almost all ‘ordinary people’ of all nationalities, except those severely disturbed or abused themselves, love their children.

Anne and Jack run healing workshops. I can see the joy they get from doing it. The healing they teach uses unconditional love to work its magic. However, as I’m sure you know, they don’t accept a world which builds drones to kill children in Pakistan, sends people ill with terminal cancer ‘back to work’ or poisons the skies, water and food with lethal chemicals.

If you consider any of the endless, heartless policies being pursued by most world governments, you will soon realiseeither the puppets carrying out their orders, or those giving them have had an empathy, love and compassion by-pass.

Can you imagine any of them genuinely loving us animals, or their children, or humanity unless there is a pay off? As a wise man once said, ‘You can’t fake sincerity.’

Your world puts those who can impersonate others [acting], especially if they ‘play’ violent, psychopathic nutters, on pedestals. Surely the height of human evolution is compassion, ability to heal and love others, to selflessly care for and make sacrifices for others, to serve others and love all sentient beings?

Now we cats figure very well on almost all these categories. We struggle a little on the last one, but over time, could let go of any ‘drive’ to ‘despatch’ birds, mice, rats and the odd insect…

Everyone knows the world is backwards. You are well into Orwellian language. You might cringe at the odd thing I say here, but you can never accuse me of manipulation, distortion, lies and the lack of any kind of moral compass can you?

Now my siblings couldn’t really care less about my crusade. Holly is very bright, but still twitchy after her months years ago living under the building cabin. And Daisy loves mischief. Hard to believe I know, but I used to be a bit of a ‘lad’ myself. So these two keep me young.

Life is not about ‘coping’, ‘getting by’ and ‘putting up’ with things. Nor is it a fawning acceptance of talentless ‘celebrity.’ One feline has more talent than any of those ‘famous for being famous’ served up by your ludicrous media.

Just in case you have forgotten how to live, just watch us cats. Drop into your heart. Stay out of your heads, which have been twisted by years of deliberate and programmed nonsense.

Don’t you get a sense that things are improving? That more people are waking up?

Cats sleep as long as they need to. We don’t need Atos to ration or cancel our food. 1 We are probably more evolved than many of you, but we never get arrogant or complacent. Let us all, animals and humans, the planet and nature, evolve together, letting go of all the rubbish we are told passes for knowledge.

My dish overflows. And so does yours. See you in April.

Keep looking while the train is coming.


  1. In the UK, the government has decided that too many people lie at home, behind the closed curtains, doing little or nothing. So, they have engaged a company called Atos to determine who is genuinely ‘seeking work’ and who lives like working class ‘royalty’, by sponging off the state. The company has classified some people with cancer as being fit for work. Major flaw is that there is no work. Other than provided by supermarkets and big companies or no wages.

You know it makes sense.


A Cats Prayer

Lead me down all the right paths,
Keep me from fleas, bees, and baths.
Let me in should it storm,
Keep me safe, fed, and warm.