My keepers have just come back from 10 days in Athens. (More about this later.) However I don’t suppose they were prepared for my little adventure on Sunday night. 

... stay strong, live in the moment as we do and make your children and grandchildren proud of you. 

JimmyThe window cleaners always leave the side gate open here. And of course it had been forgotten about. So I took the opportunity to go through it and I wondered onto the road and a few hundred yards down the avenue. Readers will know I only have very limited sight and I got somewhat confused. A couple of cat lovers found me and took me back to their home. Our next-door neighbour had seen this and when my female keeper went out she told her.

So I had around an hour in very pleasant new surroundings before my keepers tracked me down. And I have to admit it I was rather pleased to see them. So there is life in the old Jimmy yet!

I overheard my male keeper say saying that during their visit all they knew about what was going on in the world was from the Greek media and English-language versions of the Greek press. Despite the fact they regularly attract highly intelligent, professional and very clued–up people [including doctors] to their courses I know they both suffered from an overload of misinformation.

Anyone who reads this column does so for an alternative view to that provided by the ‘powers that shouldn’t be.’ And thank God they had 10 days away from the most sycophantic, nauseating, forelock tugging nonsense on all the channels in the UK. I’ll let you work out what I’m talking about.

As usual they spent time with my Greek siblings and some Dmitri clones. If animals reflect the nature of humanity in a country then find me an aggressive dog or cat in central Athens.

The beauty of all this, if that word can be used in this context, with 50% of Greek youth unemployed, wall-to-wall despair, and an ever shrinking economy with no end in sight, is that the rest of Europe is next. You can’t escape this, and I would ask you yet again to tell me where the money is going. The reality is that the powers that shouldn’t be are bleeding you all dry and because money is both power and energy you are being robbed of part of your life force.

So, as ever, look behind the talking heads, the vested interests, the arrogant politicians and blanket ignorance and you will find the real agenda. In the wonderful city of Volos people are coming together to establish their own currency, to work together, and to operate as a community. This model is being copied not just in Greece but in many countries in Europe.

The next few years are going to be a very trying time for everyone, we felines included. But everyone reading this decided before they incarnated to be here at this time. So before you start getting down and swallowing all the lies remember you are here to help build a new world: A world unrecognisable from the oppression, wars, manipulation and monumental insanity that we have now. As it all unfolds some of you will not believe the depths of depravity of those running the planet have sunk to.

However let the light shine through the cracks in the edifice of corruption. A new world awaits, stay strong, live in the moment as we do and make your children and grandchildren proud of you. The alternative is obvious. More control, more taxation, more despair, and yes even you will be affected. There will soon be no place to hide and no one else to blame.

My keepers have noticed I seem to be getting fitter and healthier rather than getting worse. I am an inspiration to them and I gather they are an inspiration to those they work with.

An additive, chemical, sugar, chalk and sawdust-free diet of decent cat food also awaits.

Which comes first … the new dish or paradise?


The Very Best Toy for Cats

"Of all the [cat] toys available, none is better designed than the owner himself. A large multipurpose plaything, its parts can be made to move in almost any direction. It comes completely assembled, and it makes a noise when you jump on it."

Stephen Baker