JimmyYes, it’s that time of year again readers and I’m making sure I don’t repeat myself. The advent of spring-like weather has been fabulous, as I love the sun and you know we cats can lick the vitamin D it generates off our fur.

Almost all of us lucky [domestic] felines end up being ‘mothered’ by humans. Few of us are fortunate to have our real mothers live with us in our adopted homes.

As a semi-feral cat in my early days, I soon lost track of my real mother, as she was a feral too. Cat experts amongst you will note my markings are very distinct, and the only one like me my keepers have met was in Molyvos on the Greek island of Lesvos some years ago.

To say I am tempted to spend the rest of this article on a rant about how those who run the planet are treating my Greek cousins as expendable is a massive understatement. All I will say is that you check out the facts [not the mainstream media] for yourself, reject totally the lies about lazy Greeks and realise the ‘bail out’ money is going to international banks, not the Greek people or economy, which these measures have all but destroyed.

The contribution of Greece to the world in terms of civilisation, culture, dignity, courage and beauty is inestimable. They cannot and will not be scapegoated and ignored. Portugal next, then Spain..?

Now, my mother. My human ‘mother’ Anne is a wonderful human being. She loves me, and it is reciprocated, she is psychic and knows my moods [as I do hers] and, whether you believe it or not, ‘channels’ that other symbol of the divine feminine [Princess] Diana. [www.dianareadings.com]I salute you.

To all the mothers of every cat alive on the planet, I salute you too, for without you, no more cats. And can you imagine that?

I don’t need to tell Daily Mews readers that we are one huge global civilising influence. And as the incessant grip of male-dominated oppression, censorship and control tightens, the voice of women grows louder.

Did I tell you that when you incarnated, millions of years ago, your heart ruled your lives. But as you ‘evolved’, your heads dominated [does this sound familiar?] you thought you didn’t need the Great Cat, and millennia later, humanity was destroyed.

Love - and who better to epitomise it than mothers - is the ‘stuff’ of the universe. Without it, all life would disappear. Fear, greed, corruption, A4e, bombing and wars are the absence of love, not the presence of anything of value. Do you want more of this lot, or more love, more maternal qualities, more caring and compassion?

In this insane world the way reality is constructed by the mainstream, we should have an annual “Bomb the Innocents Day”, or a “Collateral Damage” day. Instead, we should rejoice in having Mother’s Day.

Holly and Daisy have been denied motherhood, as has Milo, and self-evidently many ‘domestic’ cats have gone this way too. But they are still loving cats, and fall out only when near the dish … Or is it my pushing them out of the way?

I don’t know how long I can keep telling you I’m getting older, and my faculties are failing, but the sun gives me a new lease of life. Love is what keeps me going, and I know one of my greatest fans is your editor, Pauline.

Is it any surprise that my keepers’ healing courses are 90% populated by women, most of whom will be mothers? And did I tell you my male keeper has two mothers, one in spirit, and one living in America?

Turn away from the doom and gloom, celebrate this great day!

Did I hear biscuits rattle in the dish?

Love and Light


 Jimmy’s keepers Anne and Jack Stewart are currently touring the UK running Healing Codes workshops. ”The defining healing technology of our age.” Visit their site: www.thehealingcodes.co.uk for more.

One Cat is Company

"One cat is company.
Two cats are a conspiracy. 
Three cats is an attempted takeover.
Four or more cats is a complete coup!"

Shona Steele (Australia)