I’ve just come back from a week in the cattery. I love the rest, but a week confined with Daisy is enough! 

What would Jesus say? He would say ‘wake up, stop worrying about things you can’t control, stop falling for the lies, get a grip, switch off your TV, serve others, love each other, realise we are all one, and re-claim your power.’ 

JimmyMy keepers have been to Greece working. They visited two of Greece’s other great cites, Thes [Saloniki] and Volos. And, I’m told, they met a number of Dimitris [clones of me]. Apparently when getting a taxi to the bus station in Saloniki, the taxi driver spoke no English. He rang his friend who did, and my keeper Jack spoke to him. The problem was solved, they got to the bus station in good time.

His name? You couldn’t make it up. Not Dmitri, which in case you have forgotten is Greek for Jimmy, but yes, a Greek called Jimmy.

The Greeks are suffering worse than most at present. Those who run the planet, and their lickspittles known as bankers and politicians, have dropped them right in it. My feline siblings, like everywhere, when ‘austerity’ rules, suffer too.

This ‘crisis.’ Where did the money come from? And where has it gone to? The ‘debt.’ Who do ‘we’ owe it to? Do you notice the ultra-rich, the heads of multi-nationals, politicians, arms and drug manufacturers in crisis? Do you observe any less wars being fought? We can’t afford to heat the homes of the old, but we can afford to bomb innocent civilians anywhere in the world.

It makes as much sense to blame the Greeks as blaming us cats for ‘the debt.’ Or the Irish, the Portuguese, the Italians or the Spanish.

Who are the Greeks? Are you somehow magically not a Greek if you are a healer, a waiter or bus driver? But you are a Greek if you retire early, are ill or have borrowed too much money.

Who makes my cat food? Who makes the tin, the wrapper and the machines which mix the ingredients? Where does the diesel which powers my keepers’’ car to go to the supermarket come from?

By what criteria do we value this life? By the reducing numbers of people who are in poverty, dying from starvation, or suffering from curable illnesses? Do we celebrate those nations who have the lowest prison numbers, the lowest crime rates and the lowest cases of animal cruelty? What kind of world would it be where the gap between the ‘rich’ and ‘poor’ was negligible, where everyone was meaningfully employed and purring was heard across the land.

But no they tell me, you are a dreamer, an idealist. Success means more goods bought to be scrapped and pollute the planet. Success means thinner ‘models’ who peddle the scam called ‘fashion.’ Success means having the highest paid Chief Executive, because he is running a ‘successful’ company. Even if ‘his’ workers earn 50 pence a day and put in 112 hours a week.

So, as you rightly enjoy your Christmas and treat us feline role models with greater reverence, perhaps you might reflect that the old measures of success become increasingly meaningless. That success is about being happy and loving each other regardless of superficial differences. And see through the lies and rhetoric. And the only freedom schools who bravely stop their kids drinking poison [‘energy drinks’] at break time are denying is the freedom to be brainwashed by advertising.

I know you have heard all this before. But are you listening? If Jesus came down again now, he would be tasered, back-scattered by radiation and arrested as a terrorist. If he was lucky.

The most likely probability is that you would be denied news about his arrival, and he would be extraordinarily rendered to Guantanamo Bay.

More nonsense? Is it any less ridiculous than a world in which rain water is not yours to collect, growing your own crops is illegal, and that killing people is a good way to liberate them?

Some Christians use the slogan “What would Jesus say?” as a barometer or template to analyse situations.

Well, look around the world today. What would Jesus say? He would say ‘wake up, stop worrying about things you can’t control, stop falling for the lies, get a grip, switch off your TV, serve others, love each other, realise we are all one, and re-claim your power.’

Fill our dishes, give us an extra stroke and make purring the soundtrack of your lives.

And thank Jesus’s dad for giving us the free will to change the insanity which prevails. It will last only as long as we want it to.

Enjoy the festive season. Jimmy for President!

Jimmy’s keepers Anne and Jack Stewart are currently touring the UK running Healing Codes workshops. ”The defining healing technology of our age.” Visit their site: www.thehealingcodes.co.uk for more.

A Cats Prayer

Lead me down all the right paths,
Keep me from fleas, bees, and baths.
Let me in should it storm,
Keep me safe, fed, and warm.