It’s that time of year again. A good time. I love Spring. We will shortly be moving out of our temporary home into a permanent one, where we have a big field at the back. 

There are always positives to come out of every disaster, though at this time, hardly any come to mind. 

JimmyI can’t really remember my feline mother. As I was a ‘farm cat’, we soon grew up and learned to fend for ourselves. But how could I not love her?

In all but the most misguided [people mainly, but some cats] parents, they always do the best they can. And of course, sometimes that causes problems.

I’m writing this at a very grim time for sentient beings. The appalling tragedy in Japan will mean thousands of my animal siblings will have perished, along with their human keepers. Unlike Indonesia, I suspect my siblings will have been less disposed to run to the hills to escape the tsunami, because there are few hills, and many of the animals will have had their senses blunted by domestication.

There are always positives to come out of every disaster, though at this time, hardly any come to mind.

My male keeper recently read an article about us cats having a very close bond to our female keepers. And we all know about cats being sensitive to your moods, ‘hearing cats’ who pick up the onset of epileptic fits, and cats whose purring [all of us!] lowers your stress and blood pressure levels.

My female keeper tells me and my siblings here that she is our mother. I’m happy with that. She, and billions like her around the world should have a special day to celebrate their being.

I’ve gone on for months in this column about how female energy can transform the world. You lot are brainwashed from birth to believe war is peace, slavery is freedom, ignorance is strength. If you do nothing else today, please tell me how killing sentient beings liberates them. There was a piece in your UK ‘newspapers’ about some cows escaping from a field. So, instead of the small matter of helping them back to the field some cretins decided shooting them would ‘save them from further distress.’

You couldn’t make it up. However this is serious. I would have thought any animal would want to ‘escape’, especially when the boundaries of their prison were visible. And how long had they got before the slaughterhouse beckoned? Their penalty for showing intelligence, curiosity and courage was death. Ring any alarm bells?

Beware those who tell you they are acting in your best interests. Arbeit macht frei.

You humans were not put on this planet to kill, maim, betray and poison each other. It is not ‘in your nature.’ It is insane for any politician to defend the making of arms that kill people at factories in their constituency. ‘Protecting jobs’ is the mantra. But what kind of jobs? If there were no arms factories anywhere, there would be no wars.

Back to Mother’s Day.

We all know every celebration in your calendar is an opportunity for commercial exploitation. Christmas-only 250 shopping days left?-being the worst example.

The Japan tragedy has brought out genuine feelings and expressions of compassion in you humans. Your media virtually ignored the floods in Pakistan and Bangladesh. Your media places humans in a pecking order. You don’t need me to tell you what that is. We cats know the world is undergoing a major shake-up. I’m sorry, but more ‘natural’ disasters are likely.

As those running the show get more desperate with their lies and dark deeds, the world needs love more than ever before.

Not a day passes without politicians and media puppets telling you to tighten your belts, accept ‘cuts’ [sorry savings] and we are all ‘in it together.’

Ironically, the millionaire hypocrites are right.

We share this planet, and what happens in Japan, or on Mother’s Day affects all of us. The more practice you get at using and reinforcing the neural pathways in your brain of love and compassion, as opposed to fear and consumption, the better the world will become.

You can probably guess which of my neural pathways are strongest [eating for my new readers], which again smacks a little of hypocrisy on my part, but I suppose with the insanity you humans have created, it saves me from going completely gaga.

Our keepers keep telling us being cooped up in this house is better than being cooped up a cattery.

The first step is to recognise our imprisonment. Then to escape it. We are in a slightly bigger prison, but a prison, none the less. Two more steps to freedom.

Enjoy Mother’s Day! World Mother’s Day? World Companion Animals Day? World Sentient Beings Day? World Peace?


The Very Best Toy for Cats

"Of all the [cat] toys available, none is better designed than the owner himself. A large multipurpose plaything, its parts can be made to move in almost any direction. It comes completely assembled, and it makes a noise when you jump on it."

Stephen Baker