Let us make it one for more of our siblings, because the world is still full of hypocritical, barbaric and insane attitudes towards animals. 

You can tell I’m a barrel of sunshine this month! 

JimmyMind you, when I think of stuff you humans do, why should it surprise me? You poison your water supply with chemicals that dumb you down and give your fluorosis of the teeth. You poison your food and drinks with sweetener based on wood alcohol, which has no calories but stimulates your appetite.

You tell people that humans cause global warming, yet it is provable beyond doubt that climate change is correlated with sun spot activity. And you have the coldest winters for years, and blame it on … global warming!

Your children get higher and higher grades at ‘A’ level in the UK because your schools put all their energies into getting higher and higher grades rather than educating people. And some of you still say it’s because the exams are getting easier!

The Australians have, as their national animal, kangaroos. What wonderful creatures they are. Unique, athletic, quick, caring, courageous. Who does that remind you of? The Australians are brilliant sportspeople. Teams are named after the kangaroos. Yet they butcher them and use their skins to make shoes!

My male keeper has just finished reading a wonderful [he says] book about an innocent man, Roger McGowen, who has spent over 20 years on death row. Innocent men are regularly killed by the state in the USA, its official. So you say killing people is morally wrong. So what do some of you do … kill people.

You can tell I’m a barrel of sunshine this month!

I’ve got to say, the older I get, the more I hate cold, dark winters. I tend to just close down and sleep more than usual. Even our resident feline live wire, Daisy has joined me on my settee for longer than normal.

Now I know some who support the death penalty regard the odd death here and there of innocent people is a price worth paying. Except, of course, if it was one of your family.

The Chinese, who as a people have brought incredible gifts, wisdom and culture to the world, treat our feline and canine siblings like rubbish, and are incredibly cruel to us. Of course there are bound to be exceptions, as to write off a whole race is preposterous.

Guess what 2011 is? The year of the rabbit! Last year was the year of the tiger. Tigers are hunted [again, killed barbarically] for their bones. Of the 12 animals which make up the Chinese calendar, I suspect the only one which isn’t eaten or inhumanly slaughtered is the dragon.

If you consult a list of all the national animals worldwide, you will find an endless list of those of our siblings you slaughter. And as I have already said, many nations slaughter their own national animals. How many of you remember in the UK the recent case of a great stag being shot? Do you know what one of the two Irish national animals is? You guessed it, the stag. Guess what one of the Japanese national animals is? The pheasant. Am I making myself clear?

The New Year is a time of new beginnings.

 Every cell in our bodies is continuously replaced. But in each cell resides a memory. How else could it function? In each cell is life force energy, but the memory remains even after the cell is ‘dead.’ Check this out for yourselves.

Cellular memory connects each one of you humans back to the beginning of your species. And the same with us, and every living creature.

My keepers tell me they can help you recall some of these memories. Some are good, some are not.

The life force that flows through us cats flows through you humans, and it flows though plants and trees. Trees communicate with each other. Check this out - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XzQ_QeZjNOg

We are all one. So the mindless, pointless slaughter of living creatures, that, if left to share their lives with you, love and heal you, becomes even more insane as you all start to wake up.

I know, and so do you, that but for us cats [and all our other ‘domesticated’ siblings], many of you would have ‘passed’ years ago. We absorb your stress and ask for nothing in return.

No apologies for the tone of my first piece of 2011. It’s no more Mr Nice Jimmy. For a month at least.

Start making waves. Before the waves engulf you. How about that? Clever eh? My dish looks suspiciously empty...



A Cats Prayer

Lead me down all the right paths,
Keep me from fleas, bees, and baths.
Let me in should it storm,
Keep me safe, fed, and warm.