I recall my keepers listening to Guy Finley [www.guyfinley.org] joking with an audience at his home in Oregon about two deer in his garden, a mother and her fawn. He suggested when he looked at the mother, the deer would hardly be self-conscious about her appearance and the youngster wouldn’t need to hold his stomach in. 

Christmas seems magically to get most of you to be nicer to each other, and that’s without alcohol.  

JimmyWe clearly keep ourselves clean, and when we get sunlight on our fur, licking enables us to absorb the vitamin D it provides.

Christmas seems magically to get most of you to be nicer to each other, and that’s without alcohol. I’m not a fan of the snow, or -8 0 temperatures. The absence of sun depresses your serotonin levels, so wouldn’t summer be a better time to realise its safe be kind to your neighbour?

I’m sure I mentioned this last year, about English and Germans soldiers playing football over Christmas during a temporary truce in the ‘Great War’? The regional news here has a nightly prominent feature about ‘our boys’ coming from or going to ‘serve’ in Afghanistan, and/or [yet another] grieving family of one who has been killed ‘on duty.’

Haven’t you just had ‘Black Friday’ [an interesting name…] in the USA, when shops sell stuff off cheap? I watched one clip of a Wal-Mart store opening its doors, and people stampeding and trampling on each other to save a few dollars.

Our keepers have been trying to wean us back on to raw meat, because they have realised, just like humans, too much sugar and additives in processed [cat] food doesn’t do us any good. Have to say, I’m not keen, because I do like my sugar spikes and raw food is what I lived on during my years in the woods. Something I’d rather not think about.

What is fascinating is that in my incarnation as a feline spiritual guru, I’ve had to explore what you seem to excel at, that is, being imprisoned in and regretting the past, and being anxious about the future.

I know one of the reasons you love us animals, is that we are experts at living in the moment. At least we were. If we catch sight of the cat basket, it can only mean the vets, the cattery, or a house move.

Well, the vets for us is like you and the dentist; it can mean pain, despite the fact it keeps us well.

Guy Finley makes constant references to the Bible in his talks. He says that most of the Scriptures are not to be taken literally, but are metaphors, or allegories for a host of universal truths.

So, were there cats [if so, they would be Egyptian Mau cats] eating ‘Felix’ in the stable on Christmas Day? Or was it Kit-e-Kat or some raw chicken wings?

Did the young Jesus have a pet feline? Must have. I am related to him. If you believe in Adam and Eve, then all you humans are not only related to each other, but have parts of everyone who has ever lived in you. Because all living cells have a memory. Google or You Tube ‘cellular memory’ for proof.

Nasty old Herod probably had a cat or two, and somewhere I’ve got their cellular memories. I bet Herod’s cats ate prawns. And tuna. Never had an empty dish. No painful memories of the woods, or sugar spike addiction.

But… hang on, I’m also related to Jesus’ cat! So, I can let go of jealousy, forgive Herod’s pampered pussies, and think about my settee, not the woods. Do I need a new settee, just in case next door’s cat sees too many hairs on it? I don’t, and I realise I don’t need to go around the world killing cats in order to set them free.

Could I cope with summer heat all year around, and what would happen to our plants and trees if they didn’t renew themselves in the winter?

Isn’t it wonderful to be able to choose those ‘parts’ that serve both us and catkind simultaneously, rather than worry about X Factor, cold weather in winter, and the insane and manipulative rants of your ‘leaders.’

Sorry for the lapse into my temporary Herod’s cat persona, but even that has it uses..

Have a wonderful Christmas, and have the best New Year you can allow yourself. And if you think you don’t deserve it, tap into your cellular memory and unearth the part of you that knows you do.


Jimmy’s keepers, Jack and Anne Stewart are embarking on a UK nationwide tour in 2011 promoting the miraculous Healing Codes. Go here www.thehealingcodes.co.uk. The Healing Codes change cellular memory. For more about the Healing Codes and how they originated, plus testimonials about animal and people healing, go to the site of Dr Alex Loyd and Dr Ben Johnson [of ‘The Secret’ fame]; www.thehealingcodes.com.

Jack and Anne also have a weekly radio show, Healing the Spirit, every Thursday night, from 8 to 9 p.m. GMT. It is repeated at weekends at times suitable for the station’s worldwide audience. Go to www.mindbodyspiritradio.net

A Morning Kiss

A morning kiss, a discreet touch of his nose landing somewhere on the middle of my face.
Because his long white whiskers tickled, I began every day laughing.

Janet F Faure