Only 365 shopping days left for Christmas. Well, would you believe it, Christmas never seems to go away does it? We felines love the light and love that brightens up the grey days, when you humans give yourself permission to be nice to each other. 

Did you know you can get into a state of being, just like we cats? And when you do, all the above nonsense seems to fade away, to be what it is, an illusion. 

Jimmy_2009Yet wouldn't it be good to be nice to each other every day between successive Christmases?

Where would you be without your designer bags and stuff you don't want and can't afford? Your kids want everything, and feel worthless without cheap clothes at ridiculous prices because of labels.

What is the difference in the material and workmanship between a cotton top at £15 and one at £500? Some air head's name on it? Holly and Daisy love labels. The ones on the tins of cat meat.

My [male] keeper used to be a miserable so and so at Christmas, but we cats and our female keeper convinced him otherwise. I know it was to do with [still is to some extent] the global destruction of national cultures by the US media and commercial juggernaut that got him down.

They have just come back from Cyprus, and my Cyprus contacts have already told me the place is slowly being taken over by all things American. It bothers him because Cyprus and Greece have their own language, a beautiful historic culture, fabulous food, they love 'foreigners' and are even beginning to love us cats more.

Apparently the teenagers, especially the girls are becoming experts at pouting, posing and having 'attitude.' Remind you of anywhere? How many of your towns are becoming full of sullen, Lady Gaga clones, aggressive and clueless young men?

That's the bad news. Now for the good.

Did you know you can get into a state of being, just like we cats? And when you do, all the above nonsense seems to fade away, to be what it is, an illusion.

Just as we are all individuations of the Great Cat, so you are of your God. The Great Cat is the same as the Great Dog, Great Mouse and Great Being. Whatever name you give to the most powerful force in creation, that's what you have a connection to.

Did you know that there are at least 280 billion other galaxies? So what's the chance of cats living all over the universe? And I'm sure you also know that the failure to get you all to inject yourselves with mercury and other wonderful poisons under the guise of swine flu, won't stop those who know best from more tricks over the next few months. Such as engineering a mock alien invasion?

Sorry, I digress. Life wasn't meant to be a struggle. We cats, just like you, create our own reality, unless we let others do it for us. If enough of us let go of the obsession with spending money, the obsession with talentless zombies, and turn to the Great Cat, and just be, then paradise awaits. What better time to begin, when you, for no apparent reason, see the best in each other...

And it needn't vanish in the January sales...!

Dogs Come when Called

"Dogs come when called. Cats take a message and get back to you."

"Of course, every cat is really the most beautiful woman in the room."

Edward Verrall Luca (essayist)