Well, like a number of my siblings in the Mewsletter, you’ve not heard from me for some time, but of course, I’ve been active as usual. 


Your politicians have been found out here in the UK. They have treated you with contempt...

jimmy2009In February, my keepers got an e-mail from sunny Cyprus, asking them to go over and run some Theta Healing courses, which they duly did in April. They went back again in July, and have made some lifelong friends.

And regular readers of my column will know I can bi-locate [be present in two places at once]. There were so many ‘strays’ around their hotel in Limassol, and my keepers were there to work, so I kept a low profile.

Despite the presence of a number of cat and animal welfare sanctuaries, we don’t get the best deal as you can imagine on this beautiful island. Hardly surprising I suppose, because three of the people my keepers met declared themselves as ‘refugees.’

In 1974, the Turks invaded the north of the country, ‘displacing’ 200,000 people, and about 4000 were killed. The island has a history of conflict and invasions.

If, like your editor Pauline you go as a tourist, none of this will be evident. I know you humans like amazing scenery, beaches, climate and friendly and decent people. That is what you will find.

However, we felines know a thing or two. When we have a scrap, it’s mostly forgotten after the tails settle down from bog-brush proportions. If we ‘lose’ we stay out of the other cat’s way naturally, we’re not stupid.

Almost all the Cypriots had no way to express the intense feelings of loss, shame, betrayal, anger, sadness and grief. So, a lot of them ‘turned inward’ and eventually became ill. This has been transmitted through at least one generation. So, my keepers are in the right place.

Back to bi-location. My keepers, being Grecophiles, went to Lesvos in June, and Lesvos, along with Chios, Symi, Samos, Kos, and Rhodes is a stone’s throw from Turkey. And all of those islands have day trips to Turkey.

Your politicians have been found out here in the UK. They have treated you with contempt for years. So ‘ordinary’ Greeks and Turks get on, but their leaders, and ‘our’ [count me out] leaders do things that allow such tragedies as the Cyprus invasion to occur.

Can you imagine we cats hating our neighbours across the street because of their keepers, their markings, or the kind of cat food they prefer?

So, I decided to appear in Molyvos [old capital of Lesvos where my keepers stayed]. You can see my picture below. I also decided, without the aid of ‘cattox’ [don’t scoff, I bet some of you have wanted to ‘cosmetically enhance’ your pet] to lose a few years.

You all know we cats are symbols of the feminine [even reformed bruisers like me], and Lesbos [it is spelt with a ‘v’ or ‘b’] is the island of Sappho, the essence of female energy, a muse who was born there in 620 BC.

[Human] male energy, the energy of fighting, power, ego, politics, war, competition, stress, has had its day. It has brought you [and us to some degree] centuries of strife, over-consumption, noise, aggression, pollution, greed, obesity, dis-ease, celebrity and anguish.

If the future isn’t female [cat], then you won’t have one.

Leonardo da Vinci called us cats ‘a masterpiece.’ And he knew that our wonderful energy was a big part of that. You probably don’t know that our purrs are at a frequency that heals us, and it can heal you humans too. Check out my keepers CD [see below] if you don’t believe me.

The Great Cat is showing you that people you have entrusted with your welfare, politicians and bankers, are mostly corrupt. Yet you sit back and let them get away with it. Over the next few years, if not even sooner, the Great Cat will expose many more of your institutions as equally corrupt.

DimitriYours and our future can be a soft, compassionate, graceful, peaceful, calm, loving, healing ‘masterpiece’, or a grabbing, deceitful, arrogant nightmare. You all can see signs of both emerging.

However, it is not a battle of good vs. evil, but of light [good] shining brightly into dark [evil] corners.

So, like your best role models [us] you will all have to take more responsibility for your lives, and not sit back and hand it over to Gordon Cameroun-Clegg.

On a personal note, I’ve just had some teeth out, and am off solid food. I look [and feel] a picture of health, but my keepers worry about me. And of course, I’ve had some healing, along with self-healing when I purr.

Dimitri is the nearest to Jimmy in Greek, and so, this time, I’m no longer Jimmy from Symi, but Dimitri from Mythimna, the original name of Molyvos.

See you in August.


 Jack Stewart MSc

A Cats Prayer

Lead me down all the right paths,
Keep me from fleas, bees, and baths.
Let me in should it storm,
Keep me safe, fed, and warm.