Your politicians of all persuasions [though these days they all seem ‘persuaded’ the same way] love the word ‘change.’ Like almost any word, excepting perhaps fish, meat, dish and sleep, it means what you want it to mean. 

Words are how you humans make sense of the world. We can take them or leave them...

JimmyWe felines communicate through the transmission of images against a backdrop of silence. You know we hate loud noises. We pick up on feelings. What do you lot do if you fall out with someone [yes, I’ll concede we do the same]? Put distance between you. Feelings are the most reliable form of communication. The Great Cat communicates with us through feelings and silence.

Scams and manipulation need a grain of truth for them to work. And so it is with ‘change.’ Our lives, your lives, the lives of everyone and everything on the planet are in a state of constant flux. Change is what we are. I’ve heard it said that another way of making sense of the Great Cat is to imagine him/her as ‘life’, or…’change.’

What are the other words most used in advertising? Sex, power, truth, fact…

Words are how you humans [over-rely on] make sense of the world. We can take them or leave them. Not sure how I’d write this column though.

You are getting increasingly good at censoring your own thoughts. Years ago my male keeper proudly worked at a progressive council that had set out to improve the lives of minority groups. Those that daily faced discrimination and often abuse. Most people who worked for the council needed no motivation to put right the wrongs.

However in recent years it seems political correctness is having an effect opposite to its original intention of raising awareness of how you discriminate through the written and spoken word.

I’m lost as to how ‘collateral damage’ is not perceived as an obscenity when [I’ll leave you to fill in the gaps here] other words used to describe people are. The slaughter and murder of innocent people and animals is OK. Put all your attention on how you talk about race, gender, sexual orientation, age and disability.

Given the ‘credit crunch’ and deliberately inflated oil prices, more of my animal siblings are ending up on the street or worse. That is change I have no wish to believe in. Perhaps we should press for ‘cattism’ and ‘dogism’ to be made an offence?

Or perhaps you should teach your kids to respect and revere all life, and not be confused, lied to and misled by ‘newspeak.’

In closing, I’ve decided my old site, smacked too much of an inflated view of self, so I’ve emigrated to my female keeper’s new site,* where I can rant and offer healing in equal measure.

Because after all, I’m an international clinical feline spiritual coach and healer of the seventh plane, highest mate of the Great Cat who has renounced his ego. Pass me the saffron cat robe and medallion please.

But you can still call me Jimmy for a largish fee.


© Jack Stewart MSc


* This site is no longer operational.


One Cat is Company

"One cat is company.
Two cats are a conspiracy. 
Three cats is an attempted takeover.
Four or more cats is a complete coup!"

Shona Steele (Australia)