I often wonder that by coming back to the same themes, some of my readers may get the impression I’m a one dish phoney. 

In this moment, which is all we have, Life is Purrfect! 

JimmyThen I reflect how some of your leaders and media keep you ‘informed’ and I puff up with pride. By comparison, this is your one-stop shop for eternal wisdom!

Life will be purrfect when:

  • My dish is full
  • I face another cat down
  • Daisy grows up
  • My settee gets put back
  • The moon is made of green cheese...

Yes, you’ve guessed it; it’s about Being once more. Purrhaps I should have added “When you become human beings, not doings” to my list above.

Last month, I gave you Byron Kittie’s [Byron Katie] formula for cutting through the lies you are told, and the lies you tell each other and yourselves. In case you missed it, the essence is to ask of any expressed thought, belief or opinion that doesn’t serve you: “Is it [absolutely] true?”

When you realise it isn’t and it doesn’t I’ll let you work out the options. And while I’m on this subject, let me go further. Always ask “Cui Bono?” Who benefits? By doing this, you will also cut through the lies your leaders and media tell you.

In this moment, which is all we have, Life is Purrfect!

I’ve come to realise too that living with people for too long without using my cat senses and communing regularly with the Great Cat, I’ve become an occasional miserable sod!

By being happy now, by choosing happiness, what you want will follow. You all know that material things don’t make you happy, but keep you stimulated [like the additives they put in my food] for a short while. Then you need more stimulation.

The Great Cat responds to how you feel. High vibrations attract high vibrations. And what is a high vibration? Feeling good, happy, and content. A low vibration? Misery, doom and gloom.

Perhaps that is why people don’t like your Boredom Frown [Gordon Brown]. He looks miserable. His smiles seem insincere.

Yet I somehow don’t see how it is the fault of Mr Frown that your banks won’t lend you money, multi-national oil companies create artificial shortages, and food prices rise.

So Cui Bono?

Which all leads me nicely to my [smugness reigns] conclusion.

If you all were happy in this moment, money, oil, food prices/shortages wouldn’t matter would they? Your world would change instantly. And maybe, just maybe, the world might become one of abundance, peace and harmony.

Because if you were all happy, how could it not?


Jack Stewart MSc


One Cat is Company

"One cat is company.
Two cats are a conspiracy. 
Three cats is an attempted takeover.
Four or more cats is a complete coup!"

Shona Steele (Australia)