There seems to be a lot of material around today in your world about getting what you want. One of my keeper’s heroes used to be [still is to some extent] Anthony Robbins. I’m told he was the very essence of goal setting and creating ‘massive’ personal drive to get there. 


I can only know who and what I am by what I am not...

And of course, it works. However, the more feline approach is to call upon the Great Cat, but first having decided what you want to manifest.

My mentor, Meale Donald Fisch * talks about alignment. In other words, think what you want, maiow what you want, then take action to get what you want. A bit like Robbins? Yes, but MDF [how unfortunate to have that acronym] explains that we [see last month] have to be what we want too.

He goes on. I can only know who and what I am by what I am not. Confused? I hope so. I know I’m a big [almost but not quite fat] grey & white cat, because my siblings are smaller black and white [Milo, Holly] and tabby cats [Daisy]. If every cat was a clone of me, I wouldn’t know who I was.

So, if we decide we want peace, at first, we often get reminders of what peace is not! So, paradise [on earth] awaits us just after some challenge.

And, as regular readers will now know, having recently been trained as a feline Theta healer, the other piece of the jigsaw is what we believe. If our beliefs are:

  • I’m not worthy/deserving
  • The Great Cat doesn’t love me
  • Illness/being paw brings me closer to the GC

Then guess what, even Tony Robbins can’t save us!

In closing, give yourself some time [now there’s a thought!], sit down and examine your beliefs about where you are at. I’ll bet the contents of six dishes that at least one of your beliefs keeps you where you are.

If the Great Cat decrees, next month I’ll tell you how to change them. But so as you don’t suffer needlessly until then, command [with conviction, wimps not allowed] the GC to change that [crippling] belief now and replace it with one you want.

The Great Cat loves you by the way, and thinks you guiltless and innocent.

Continuing inspiration is from Meale Donald Fisch, or his human counterpart, Neale Donald Walsch I’m not on free cat food from him, he just talks sense.

February 2008

© Jack Stewart MSc


A Cats Prayer

Lead me down all the right paths,
Keep me from fleas, bees, and baths.
Let me in should it storm,
Keep me safe, fed, and warm.