Life is never boring! Poppy’s not well now and they have discovered she has an over-active thyroid. Not that you would notice. She still has a louder purr than Ch’Bee, rolls around on her back and seems in love with life. 

Cats like me, and hundreds like me around the world hold your civilisation together.  


None of us is sure whether she wants to return to the Great Cat. You humans influence our decisions, and up until Poppy met her and my current keepers, she had a pretty stressful life. She never came into the house and had to dodge a couple of rabid dogs her previous feeder owned.

You couldn’t even call him a keeper, because if they went abroad, Poppy was left to fend for herself. She would lash out at anyone who touched her on her neck, and threw up at the sight of her feeder when she last saw him.

 She is drinking but not eating, but moves are apaw to sort that one. Despite my status in the spiritual cat world, if I stopped eating … it doesn’t bear thinking about.

Last week, not only was my dish empty for few hours, but it was moved. No food, no dish! Not even anyone else’s dish to raid. I was wobbling, I can tell you. My faith in the Great Cat was sorely tested.

But not the Great Cat’s faith in me or you, I hasten to add.

I love hopping over the fence into next door’s garden. They have a couple of faced-down cats. If me and Harry get up to tricks, we can implicate them. You cats out there all know the value of ‘going missing.’

Cats like me, and hundreds like me around the world hold your civilisation together. We are so enlightened that we balance out the presence and actions of our more reckless siblings. But, in truth, cats aren’t the problem, I’m afraid yet again it‘s you lot.

My snatches of radio and TV tell me your world gets a little darker, according to your ‘news’ media. So, we’re in need of some support.

I know many of you would support me if you could, but lack the knowledge. At its most simple, start to meditate. Chill out. Read Wayne Dyer, Greg Braden or Deepak Chopra books. Modesty ought to prevent me from saying model us cats, but it doesn’t.

Like M’catma Gandhi, make your life the message. But watch your obsession with that dish.

Jimmy, [early] September 2007

© Jack Stewart MSc




Dogs Come when Called

"Dogs come when called. Cats take a message and get back to you."

"Of course, every cat is really the most beautiful woman in the room."

Edward Verrall Luca (essayist)